The following astrological reports are available by email or you can choose to have a bound copy mailed to you.
Prices for each type of report are listed under the report description.
To purchase a report please contact Cathy Coleman by email:


Find out what planetary energies are present for you any place in the world.  Wondering about you would fare on a trip to Paris?  Or a move to Atlanta or Denver?  You can get a full description of the planetary influences for any location.

Cost: $5.00 per location


This report is a 10-chapter, written interpretation of your horoscope, written by Michael Erlewine.  The report  includes commentary on the planets in your horoscope, Saturn transits, your burn rate, your elemental balance, chart patterns, challenges and abilities, interface nodes, house activity, major transits, and an introduction to astrological concepts and terms.  Approximately 40 pages.

Cost: 19.95 by email

  $29.95 bound copy shipped


Understanding who your child is today helps shape who he or she will be in the future. This report is an interpretation of a child’s chart, describing their family, educational inclinations, and emerging identity and special skills. A Child*Satr report can be for anyone—adult or child.  It can help you understand basic needs, struggles, and inclinations of yourself or someone in your family.  Approximately 35 pages.

Cost: 19.95 by email; $29.95 bound copy shipped

Friends and Lovers

This report offers insights into any relationship.  It outlines how you approach relationships, what you bring to relationships that help or hinder, how you and the other person influence each other, and how this person relates to you.  Author of this report is Michael Erlewine.  Approximately 21 pages.

Cost: $15.95 by email; $25.95 bound copy shipped


An Opportunities report details the planetary influences on your career and shows you how to work with them for success.  This is a great gift for young adults, graduates, and people seeking career satisfaction. This report outlines psychological strengths, Saturn and Mars as vocational indicators, and the best work environment.  This report was written by Stephanie Clement. Approximately 22 pages.

Cost: $15.95 by email; $25.95 bound copy shipped

Solar Return

One tool for astrological forecasting is the Solar Return, the horoscope each year at the moment the Sun returns to its exact position at your birth.  The Solar Return is a guide to the influences and trends for the upcoming year.  It highlights specific themes and life issues in effect for the chosen year, and then forecasts significant dates. This makes a great birthday present!  Approximately 46 pages.

Cost: 19.95 by email; $29.95 bound copy shipped


The Time-Line report is a powerful forecasting tool.  It is a comprehensive forecasting report that utilizes progressions, transits, directions, ingresses and eclipses to get an overview of your future for up to 12 months.  A six-month report is approximately 24 pages.

6-month report: $15.95 by email; $25.95 bound copy shipped
12-month report: $19.95 by email; $29.95 bound copy shipped