In the Stars September 21-28, 2014…shining light on the astrology of the week: New Moon in Libra

This week is blessed with the expansive “good luck” aspect of Jupiter-trine-Uranus. Overall this blend highlights surprising, far-reaching opportunities. The more one imagines, risks, and trusts what is possible, the more this aspect can deliver. The week is also a big turning, with the Autumnal Equinox ushering in a new season, punctuated by a New Moon in Libra. Pluto turns direct after being retrograde for the past 5 months, accenting its deep and powerful symbolism for transformation and changes.

Sunday the Moon moves into Virgo. In itself Sunday is a day for getting organized and putting more order in your life. However, the Moon makes edgy aspects to Mars and Neptune. Forward movement may be compromised, so chill a bit and go with the flow. It would be a good day for painting a picture or playing music—and for learning something new in the creative process. Sunday, September 21, is the International Day of Peace. We certainly need to call that intention to the foreground. Take some time to meditate and visualize world peace.

The Moon is in Virgo Monday and Tuesday, a backdrop of grounded practicality and drive for cleanliness and order. Monday is the last day of the Sun in Virgo, providing a double Virgo day. Drill down, but use Virgo’s tendency to be critical to put your own house in order.

Pluto and Jupiter aspects to the Moon power up the efficiency and industriousness of this day, magnified by Pluto turning direct in motion. When a planet is changing motion it moves slowly, and its symbolism emanates even stronger. Pluto’s magnified strength Monday and the next few days power up action for transformations. Virgo symbolizes health. You could begin the journey to break a bad health habit, or to build a new good one. Monday also sports the Autumnal Equinox when the Sun moves from Virgo to Libra at 7:29 PM Pacific Time (or 3:59 GMT on Tuesday). A new season begins, with the Sun moving into cardinal sign Libra. This is one very potent day, and one with big change and reorientation possible. Make the most of it!

Tuesday the Moon is Void-of-Course all day in Virgo. Continue to clean and organize and get things done, but knowing that it will be a more meandering process with the VoC Moon. The Moon enters Libra Tuesday evening (8:59 PM Pacific Time). Shortly thereafter it forms a New Moon, supercharged because it falls on the Super Galactic Center at 1:46 Libra, a big black hole around which revolves the Milky Way and some 50 other galaxies. The potency of stationary Pluto now and for the next few days magnifies the electromagnetic field for change.

The New Moon shines in Libra Wednesday and Thursday, encouraging an appreciation of art, beauty, and relationship. A lunar square to Pluto Wednesday turns up the heat and calls for calm and resourcefulness in dealing with relationship issues that manifest or suddenly demand attention or adjustment. This is closely followed by an opposition of Uranus to the Moon early Thursday morning, churning up the weekly turbulence of the Moon’s contact with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square. The turbulence is blessed with a pregnant trine between expansive Jupiter and inventive Uranus. This good-luck aspect is exact on Thursday, but it is influential all week. Luck may come in the form of travel and expansive opportunities. For those willing to exercise imagination and take risks, awesome rewards may be reaped, soon or distant. Think big…very big. Consider what is possible beyond your usual stretch of imagination.

From Friday morning through the weekend, the Moon is in the deep fixed water sign Scorpio. The Scorpio Moon stirs deep feelings and illuminates the possibility for transformation of what lies hidden in the shadows of the underworld. Emotions are amplified. Exercise compassion to soothe strong feelings of loss or distress. Saturday is a serious and somber day with Saturn joining the Moon in Scorpio, and Mercury moving into Scorpio, as well. Don’t take this day lightly. It is one that demands work, insight, and careful navigation of the high emotional turbulence that may erupt. Skill and compassion will be rewarded with insight and trust.

The intensity of the Scorpio Moon’s dance will lessen on Sunday as difficult alignments loosen. A Moon-Venus sextile at mid-day adds a dollop of sweetness, paving the way for the Moon’s move into buoyant, positive Sagittarius on Sunday evening. Use the Sag Moon’s fiery optimism to stoke your fire for a great week ahead of opportunity and expansion.

The Week in Short:
Sunday: Make it an artistically productive day. Visualize peace.
Monday: Be industrious and efficient. Break a bad health habit or build a good one. POTENT day.
Tuesday: VoC Moon all day. Autumnal Equinox, new season.
Wednesday: New Moon in Libra highlights art, beauty, fairness, and relationship.
Thursday: Think big and allow your imagination to soar. Great luck is possible if open to expansive possibilities.
Friday: Deep, passionate feelings stirred. Quiet time.
Saturday: A serious day,stirring and challenging emotions. Navigate turbulence carefully. Socialize tomorrow, not today.
Sunday: Intense energies ease. Evening lights with optimism. Make a good social supper.

Moon Void-of-Course:
This is the time when the Moon makes its last major angular aspect with a planet and before it moves into the next zodiacal sign tropically. This void time, when the Moon is not aspecting a planet, but rather floating on its own, is a time when things do not come together and it is difficult to make decisions. Purchases made during void Moons often turn out to be unsatisfactory and not work out. Appointments often do not come together and meetings do not result in progress or sound, lasting decisions. You will more easily get lost or meander if you are trying to get somewhere.
The VoC Moon times for the next month are listed below so that you can plan meetings, decisions, and purchases at times when the Moon is not VoC; and use the void times for gardening, reading, and routine task work.

Exact Void-of-Course Moon times for the month ahead (one lunar cycle) are:
Pacific Daylight Time:
Saturday, September 20 at 9:33 PM through Sunday, September 21 at 8:54 AM (Moon into Virgo)
Tuesday, September 23: 5:15 AM-8:59 PM (Moon into Libra)
Friday, September 26: 5:39-7:29 AM (Moon into Scorpio)
Sunday, September 28: 1:31-3:50 PM (Moon into Sagittarius)
Monday, September 29 at 8:29 PM through Tuesday, September 30 at 9:41 PM (Moon into Capricorn)
Thursday, October 2 at 9:18 AM through Friday, October 3 at 1:00 AM (Moon into Aquarius)
Saturday, October 4 at 11:32 AM through Sunday, October 5 at 2:24 AM (Moon into Pisces)
Monday, October 6 at 12:38 PM through Tuesday, October 7 at 3:07 AM (Moon into Aries)
Wednesday, October 8 at 7:20 AM through Thursday, October 9 at 4:44 AM (Moon into Taurus)
Friday, October 10 at 5:49 PM through Saturday, October 11 at 8:51 AM (Moon into Gemini)
Monday, October 13: 10:58 AM-4:30 PM (Moon into Cancer)
Wednesday, October 15 at 4:27 PM through Thursday, October 16 at 3:29 AM (Moon into Leo)
Saturday, October 18: 6:10 AM-4:08 PM (Moon into Virgo)

Sunday, September 21: 5:33–16:54 (Moon into Virgo)
Tuesday, September 23: 1:15 AM through Wednesday, September 24 at 4:59 (Moon into Libra)
Friday, September 26: 13:39-15:29 (Moon into Scorpio)
Sunday, September 28:21:31-23:50 (Moon into Sagittarius)
Tuesday, September 30 at 4:29 through Wednesday, September 30 at 5:41 (Moon into Capricorn)
Thursday, October 2 at 17:18 through Friday, October 3 at 9:00 (Moon into Aquarius)
Saturday, October 4 at 19:32 through Sunday, October 5 at 10:24 (Moon into Pisces)
Monday, October 6 at 20:38 through Tuesday, October 7 at 13:07 (Moon into Aries)
Wednesday, October 8 at 15:20 through Thursday, October 9 at 12:44 (Moon into Taurus)
Saturday, October 11: 1:49-16:51 (Moon into Gemini)
Monday, October 13: 18:58 through Tuesday, October 4 at 0:30 (Moon into Cancer)
Thursday, October 15: 0:27–11:29 (Moon into Leo)
Saturday, October 18 at:14:10 through Sunday, October 19 at 0:08 PM (Moon into Virgo)

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  1. I wonder why Wednesday of this week was simply horrible for me and, it seemed, everyone I came into contact with. Traffic was terrible, people were confused everywhere I went, and I have to say this day was awful in every direction!

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