In the Stars August 9-16, 2015…shining light on the astrology of the week: New Moon

Saturn has just turned direct after five months in retrograde motion, and it moves slowly during August, meaning we will feel the gifts and challenges of Saturn more fully. Saturn’s energies are not those that move life forward quickly. Things may take longer to complete or manifest than they ordinarily do…or than we wish they would. Saturn’s forward movement, finishing the last few degrees of Scorpio, takes it toward its arrival tropically in Sagittarius on September 17. Continue to move forward with your goals and aspirations, pruning some obligations, activities, or relationships that no longer serve you well. Nonetheless, be patient with a slowed pace.

Sunday is an easy, flowing sociable day of discovery and opportunity. Mars moves into Leo tropically for the next seven weeks, a much more invigorating and arousing expression than its journey has been through Cancer.

Monday’s Cancer Moon makes opportune aspects with Jupiter, Mercury, and Neptune. This can be an emotionally fulfilling, inspiring day. Enjoy a nourishing family evening at home.

Tuesday is more volatile, as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus, pushing us out of our comfort zones. This day is a turning point, with Jupiter completing its journey through Leo and entering the sign of Virgo tropically. Jupiter expands the qualities of the sign it inhabits. Jupiter’s ingress into Virgo may provoke a desire for more meaningful work. Service and healthy food will figure more prominently. Discount stores, medical sectors, pharmaceuticals, organic foods, and technology stocks will likely do well in financial markets over the coming year.

A Mercury-Neptune opposition is the theme of the day on Wednesday. Communication can be confused, and details missed. On the other hand, we can generate creative, inspired thoughts. Lunar aspects to Saturn and Mars can enable us to get focused and get some work accomplished. Yet, there’s a void Moon framing mid-day: from 10:44 AM-1:52 PM (PDT), when you may as well just chill.

Thursday the Sun is trine Uranus, possibly delivering surprising events. Change may seem easier to handle than usual. Put some sizzle in your day. Even though the Leo Moon usually calls for play and partying, the Moon is dark, so you may want to have a quiet evening before tomorrow’s New Moon.

The New Moon in Leo on Friday is joined with Venus and trines Uranus, firing up new ideas and astonishing discoveries. The New Moon sets the stage for the month ahead. Think about taking risks to enhance your life over the next four weeks. Stephanie Austin describes the opportunities of this New Moon in The Mountain Astrologer (August/September 2015):

“Leo is symbolized by the Lion; as the metaphoric King of the Jungle, Leo signifies our quest to become a conscious ruler of our reality. To be lion-hearted is to have the courage to step fully into our power as creators, to act from love, for love, and with love. Who were you born to be? What makes your heart sing? Where could you be more adventurous, artistic, and authentic?”

Have a fun Friday evening, but plan to use the Virgo Moon the rest of the weekend to work hard on mundane tasks. It’s that time of the month to roll up your sleeves, clean, and organize your life and power through your “to do” list. Saturday, the glow of the Moon aligns with Jupiter and Neptune, evoking exuberance, vision, and opportunity. Make it a day of serendipity. Sunday is yet another Virgo Moon day to work efficiently through your tasks, clean your house, and put order in your life.

The Week in Short:
Sunday: Easy day—be curious and open to discovery.
Monday: Ease and inspiration encourage opportunity.
Tuesday: Volatile, edgy day—and Jupiter moves into Virgo of a new year’s journey.
Wednesday: Chill out from 10:44 AM-1:52 PM PDT (Void Moon); otherwise, let your imagination soar and get some work done.
Thursday: Put some sizzle in your day; watch for surprising opportunities.
Friday: New Moon in Leo. Be bold and take some risks in the month ahead.
Saturday: Virgo Moon weekend: time to put order in your life
Sunday: Continue using the Virgo Moon energy to get organized and power through mundane tasks.

Moon Void-of-Course: This is the time when the Moon makes its last major angular aspect with a planet and before it moves into the next zodiacal sign tropically. This void time, when the Moon is not aspecting a planet, but rather floating on its own, is a time when things don’t come together and it’s difficult to make decisions. Purchases made during void Moons often turn out to be unsatisfactory and not work out. Appointments often don’t come together and meetings don’t result in progress or sound, lasting decisions. You will more easily get lost or meander if you’re trying to get somewhere. The VoC Moon times for the next month are listed below so that you can plan meetings, decisions, and purchases at times when the Moon is not VoC; and use the void times for gardening, reading, and routine task work.
Exact Void-of-Course Moon times for the month ahead (one lunar cycle) are:
Pacific Daylight Time:
Monday, August 10: 4:45-5:08 AM (Moon into Cancer)
Wednesday, August 12: 10:44 AM-1:52 PM (Moon into Leo)
Friday, August 14 at 9:36 PM-Saturday, August 15 at 12:46 AM (Moon into Virgo)
Monday, August 17 10:16 AM-1:23 PM (Moon into Libra)
Wednesday, August 19 at 7:56 PM through Thursday, August 20 at 2:24 AM (Moon into Scorpio)
Saturday, August 22: 12:31-1:41 PM (Moon into Sagittarius)
Monday, August 24: 3:04-9:22 PM (Moon into Capricorn)
Thursday, August 27: 12:20-1:03 AM (Moon into Aquarius)
Saturday, August 29: 12:03-1:51 AM (Moon into Pisces)
Sunday, August 30 at 11:53 PM through Monday, August 31 at 1:33 AM (Moon into Aries)
Tuesday, September 1 at 9:37 AM through Wednesday, September 2 at 2:02 AM (Moon into Taurus)
Friday, August 5: 3:20-4:48 AM (Moon into Gemini)
Saturday, August 5 at 4:04 PM through Sunday, August 6 at 10:40 AM (Moon into Cancer)
Monday, August 10: 11:45-12:08 (Moon into Cancer)
Wednesday, August 12: 17:44 AM-18:52 (Moon into Leo)
Saturday, August 15: 4:36-19:46 (Moon into Virgo)
Monday, August 17: 17:16-20:23 (Moon into Libra)
Thursday, August 20: 2:56-9:24 (Moon into Scorpio)
Saturday, August 22: 19:31-20:41 PM (Moon into Sagittarius)
Monday, August 24 at 22:04 through Tuesday, August 25 at 5:22 (Moon into Capricorn)
Thursday, August 27: 7:20-8:03 (Moon into Aquarius)
Saturday, August 29: 7:03-8:51 (Moon into Pisces)
Monday, August 31: 6:53- 8:33 (Moon into Aries)
Tuesday, September 1 at 16:37 through Wednesday, September 2 at 9:02 (Moon into Taurus)
Friday, August 5: 10:20-11:48 (Moon into Gemini)
Saturday, August 5 at 11:04 through Sunday, August 6 at 17:40 (Moon into Cancer)

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One Response to In the Stars August 9-16, 2015…shining light on the astrology of the week: New Moon

  1. Joseph John Lang, Ph.D. says:

    I like the idea of viewing Uranus as correlating with making change easier to deal with. I recall that years ago (mid’80s) Uranus was going through Sagittarius, and I felt wonderful flipping off all old things and taking up with “new” people, but doing so led to conflicts (which I didn’t care about so much as long as Uranus was the chief player), but then Saturn came following through Sagittarius very quickly thereafter, and the more serious consequences of the Uranian changes hit me hard. What happened with Saturn in my natal 12th house where my Sun, Venus, and Mercury reside seemed to be teaching me the need for more gravity and seriousness with my then current affairs, but by the time Saturn was done with the 12th house and Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune (all conjunct) hit my Ascendant, I felt as if I was some sort of patient in a hospital, waiting to see how I’d survive. Since Saturn is my chart ruler, I did survive, but a whole new and different chapter in my life came along.

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