In the Stars February 4-11, 2018…shining light on the astrology of the week

This week we are in-between the first two eclipses of 2018. The Total Full Moon eclipse at 11:37 Leo/Aquarius occurred last Wednesday, the 31st. A partial eclipse of the Sun occurs at 27:08 degrees of Aquarius on February 15. This could be a rather intense week flanked by these eclipses, though the other planetary energy is not extraordinary. The Sun shines in Aquarius, the zodiac sign symbolizing friendship, groups, organizations, and societal concerns. A fixed air sign, Aquarius foster scientific exploration and invention. The Moon is void of course for long periods on Monday and Saturday. When the Moon is void of course energy does not connect. It is not a good time for meetings, shopping, or anything requiring decisions or definition. To best plan your week consider using those days for cleaning, gardening, reading, or walking.

We are blessed with a beautiful Sunday to begin the week. The day is colored with benefic aspects to a suave Libra Moon (Mercury and Sun trine Moon, Moon sextile North Node). In addition, Pallas Athena trines Saturn; this combination in earth signs Taurus/Capricorn gives us the capacity to sensibly plan and strategize the week ahead.

Although Monday may start with a surprising jolt (Moon opposite Uranus), the Moon is void of course nearly all day from 10:46 a.m. through 7:56 p.m. PST. Energy during this void period will be vague and undefined. It is not a Monday for sound decisions. Lower your expectations and tend to simple, routine tasks.

Feelings are deeply stirred by the Scorpio Moon Tuesday and Wednesday. A benefic Venus-Uranus sextile could result in some new relationship events or opportunities. Seize the gifts of the day! Benefic lunar aspects to Saturn and Neptune bookend the day, making for a strong, responsible start and a soft, restful end to the day.

Although Wednesday is mixed with challenging and benefic aspects, the fortuitous Moon-Jupiter conjunction is the trump card. Count on some good luck, and a lift of heart and mind.

Bounce out of bed early and catch the lift of the Sag Moon! Get yourself to the gym! Your body wants to move! Dance, hike, or even consider a horseback ride. The Moon-Mars conjunction calls for adventure.

Friday is fun, framed by a Sagittarius Moon. The morning can be a bit cloudy and confusing. The afternoon calls for a satisfying social soiree with friends.

The Moon is void of course all day Saturday from 8:38 a.m. to 6:21 p.m. PST. This is not a day for getting a lot accomplished. Take a hike or go on a trip to explore new territory, and expand your world view through cultural experience.

In contrast to Saturday’s optimistic, explorative, but indefinite energy, Sunday is made for focus, work, and attending to responsibilities. You can tackle a big project, and yet relax a little in the evening in preparation for a strong work day Monday. I’ll be celebrating my recently deceased brother at a festive memorial in Houston. The energies support a serious and honorable farewell.

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The Week in Short:

Sunday: A blessed, beautiful day. Sensibly plan the week ahead.

Monday: The morning may be full of surprises. Then the Moon is VoC all day, so attend to routine tasks after 10:46 a.m. PST.

Tuesday: The day starts strong and ends soft. Open to new relationship opportunities.

Wednesday: Feelings run deep with the Scorpio Moon. Expect some good luck!

Thursday: Answer the call for adventure, and get your body moving.

Friday: Optimism colors your world. Make it a social day, and gather with people who uplift you.

Saturday: Moon VoC all day from 8:38 a.m. to 6:21 p.m. PST. Take off on an adventure, and explore something new.

Sunday: Work day! Focus and tackle a big project. Relax a little in the evening, and appreciate all that you accomplished.

Ten Things to Do with Venus in Aquarius (January 17-February 10)

  1. Express love and appreciation to your friends.
  2. Change your dress toward more colorful and unique.
  3. Diversify your portfolio.
  4. Read a book about an African American who made a contribution to civil rights.
  5. Gather with friends more often during this period—and enjoy them.
  6. Explore and consider joining a new group to expand your life.
  7. Make a contribution to one or more of your favorite social causes.
  8. March in a political rally (Women’s March?)
  9. Make new friends.
  10. Host a dinner party with a group of diverse friends.

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Moon Void-of-Course: This is the time when the Moon makes its last major angular aspect with a planet before it moves into the next zodiacal sign tropically. This void time, when the Moon is not aspecting a planet, but rather floating on its own, is a time when things don’t come together and it’s difficult to make good decisions. Purchases made during void Moons often turn out to be unsatisfactory and not work out. Appointments often don’t come together, and meetings don’t result in progress or sound, lasting decisions. We more easily get lost or meander in trying to get somewhere. The VoC Moon times for the next month are listed below so that you can plan meetings, decisions, and purchases at times when the Moon is not VoC; and use the void times for gardening, reading, and routine task work.

Void-of-Course Moon times for the month ahead (one lunar cycle) are:

Pacific Standard Time:

Monday, February 5, 2018: 10:46 a.m.-7:56 p.m. (Moon into Scorpio)

Wednesday, February 7 at 11:16 p.m. through Thursday, February 8 at 5:53 a.m. (Moon into Sagittarius)

Saturday, February 10: 8:36 a.m.-6:21 p.m. (Moon into Capricorn)

Monday, February 12 at 9:43 p.m. through Tuesday, February 13 at 7:11 a.m. (Moon into Aquarius)

Thursday, February 15: 1:05 p.m.-6:42 p.m. (Moon into Pisces)

Saturday, February 17 at 2:13 p.m. through Sunday, February 18 at 4:05 a.m. (Moon into Aries)

Tuesday, February 20: 3:11 a.m.-11:12 a.m. (Moon into Taurus)

Thursday, February 22: 3:46 a.m.-4:07 p.m. (Moon into Gemini)

Saturday, February 24: 11:58 a.m.-7:06 p.m. (Moon into Cancer)

Monday, February 26: 1:51 p.m.-8:42 p.m. (Moon into Leo)

Wednesday, February 28: 3:13 p.m.-9:57 p.m. (Moon into Virgo)

Friday, March 2 at 3:50 p.m. through Saturday, March 3 at 0:20 a.m. (Moon into Libra)

Sunday, March 4 at 10:19 p.m. through Monday March 5 at 5:23 a.m. (Moon into Scorpio)


Monday, February 5, 2018 at 18:46 through Tuesday, February 6 at 3:56 (Moon into Scorpio)

Thursday, February 8: 7:16-13:53 (Moon into Sagittarius)

Saturday, February 10 at 16:36 through Sunday, February 11 at 2:21 (Moon into Capricorn)

Tuesday, February 13: 5:43-15:11 (Moon into Aquarius)

Thursday, February 15 at 21:05 through Friday, February 16 at 2:42 (Moon into Pisces)

Saturday, February 17 at 22:13 through Sunday, February 18 at 12:05 (Moon into Aries)

Tuesday, February 20: 11:11-18:12 (Moon into Taurus)

Thursday, February 22: 11:46 through Friday, February 23 at 0:07 (Moon into Gemini)

Saturday, February 24: 19:58 through Sunday, February 25 at 3:06 (Moon into Cancer)

Monday, February 26 at 21:51 through Tuesday, February 26 at 4:42 (Moon into Leo)

Wednesday, February 28 at 23:13 through Thursday, March 1 at 5:57 (Moon into Virgo)

Friday, March 2 at 23:50 through Saturday, March 3 at 8:20 (Moon into Libra)

Monday March 5: 5:19-13:23 (Moon into Scorpio)

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One Response to In the Stars February 4-11, 2018…shining light on the astrology of the week

  1. Joseph John Lang, Ph.D. says:

    I have some trouble trying to decide what a “routine task” entails. I am talking re Monday, February 5th.

    While I have experienced the sort of “zoned out” feel of Moon VOC and so avoid making purchases and trying to sign a contract, etc., I am often a bit at a loss to decide whether something I seem to need to do should be postponed.

    I have needed to visit a doctor, mainly just to have aggravating wax removed from an ear. The ear has been ringing, and I can’t hear well out of it. This happens every couple years, and I’ve found that no matter how long I “wait” to have the problem just take care of itself and go away, I need to have the wax removed by someone skilled at doing so.

    I was trying all last week to go to a doctor I see in Phoenix (but an hour away from my house), and I had to cancel and postpone appointments three times already. So a new appointment now landed on Monday before I looked up whether or not the Moon was VOC.

    Now that I know it is VOC, I am pondering: Well, it’s just a routine drive to get there, and someone there should know how to do the wax removal. So it’s OK to do it on Monday and get if over with. But, I suppose I could postpone again till Tuesday. Is it worth the wait?

    I honestly pose the question for myself but do not know how to answer it. When I see the doctor, there are other things, some of great importance, that he will possibly be willing to discuss with me. So should the VOC influence this fact and be worth postponing the appointment for again?

    Even as I write this, I think “Why take a chance with a medical affair?” The VOC, though, wouldn’t indicate that maybe whoever tries to fix the ear might be erratic or incompetent, would it?

    While I’m really getting sick of the situation, which has gone on for almost two weeks now, I am feeling unsure to go ahead tomorrow.

    Sometimes we have no choice, of course. I had to go to court with a major objection to Bank of America’s mishandling of my mortgage a year ago in April, and the court hearing was on a day when the Moon was VOC. At the time, I seemed to do well with the situation, and even people from the court complimented me and exclaimed how “smart” I must be. But the bank’s attorney continues to obstruct justice rather than to facilitate it. I had to go to the court last week on a day when the Moon was not VOC, and the meeting was a muddle, with even the judge seeming to be “spaced out.”

    Hard judgements to call about this VOC phenomenon.

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